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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Makeup that Doesn't Cause Acne

Makeup that Doesn't Cause Acne

It's a vicious circle sometimes. We break out from some reason or another, and we try to cover it with makeup, which causes more breakouts. 

So we end up on the internet searching for "makeup that doesn't cause Acne". The first thing we see are advertisements with little or no information about our topic. Maybe a video or two by an affiliate promoting their product of the day, for which they compensated for. 

But if you landed here, you've come to the right place. I am a makeup formulator and brand owner, so yes I'm partial to my brand, but I will also tell you what to look for in other brands so that you can find makeup that doesn't cause acne anywhere you go! 


The FDA regulates the cosmetic industry, and they require ingredients to be either ON the product, sold WITH the product, displayed WITH the product, or listed ONLINE with the product. No exceptions. If the company is not complying with this regulations, then I recommend you skip the product and don't consider it an option. 

This site has a list of some cosmetic ingredients and rates them from1-5 based on their Comedogenic and Irritation.

They did leave off a very common one though, Bismuth Oxychloride. It is a heavy metal that is found in Bare Minerals original formula and many other mainstream brands of cosmetics.
It has to be buffed into the skin, at which point your skin looks smoother as the metal particles fill your pores. However, it is very difficult to remove all of the makeup and bismuth OUT of your pores, which often results in redness, irritation and even cystic acne.

So What Brand of Makeup Should You Buy? 

I recommend you stick with brands with the most natural ingredients and fewest chemicals. Natural ingredients tend to be easy to read, like Titanium Dioxide, Silk Powder, Zinc Oxide, etc...
Chemical names tend to look very foreign and most of us would struggle to pronounce the words. 

LA Minerals has a complete line of natural cosmetics and skin care. We have 3 Distinct foundation formulas, mineral veil, concealer, eyeshadows, blush and bronzers. 

There are also many other brands of mineral cosmetics that are healthy and good for your skin. 
It's best to try some samples out of various brands to see what works best for your skin, and to find the shade that matches you best. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

6 Ways to Tell if Your Nail Salon Is Safe

Your dentist doesn't reuse tools on patients; neither should your nail salon

A wall of polish, a rack of mags, and the promise of a foot rub: What's not to love about a pro mani-pedi? It depends on where you go. If a spa isn't sanitary, you run the risk of anything from a headache due to potent fumes to a serious infection from dirty tools. We've mapped out the red flags. 
1. Dirty digs​. ​When celeb nail artist Deborah Lippmann pops into a mani-pedi place, she always scouts out two areas: the corners and the bathroom. "If they're clean, it's usually a sign of higher standards." 
2. Secondhand fumes. ​While that nail-polish smell is unavoidable, your eyes shouldn't water upon entry. Workers are the most vulnerable to fumes, "but even short exposure to hazardous chemicals can be harmful," says Thu Quach, Ph.D., a research scientist with the Cancer Prevention Institute of California who has done extensive research on nail-salon safety. 
3. Tainted tools. ​A dirty nail kit can transfer serious germs, which can result in anything from a fungal infection to a staph infection, says Lippmann. "Imagine if you went to your dentist, and he used a tray of tools he'd used on another patient," says Lauren Breese, director of professional development for OPI. Autoclave machines (which use steam to kill germs) and hospital-grade soaking solutions are effective, but it's tough to know if a salon is sanitizing the tools long enough or using the right formula. Also, certain tools should never be reused, like nail files or buffing sponges, which get clogged with other people's dead skin. To play it safe, Lippmann recommends bringing in your own kit. 
4. Janky Jacuzzi. Pedi tubs are a potential germ farm, especially Jacuzzi filters, which get trapped with dead skin. If your local pedi place doesn't do jet-free bowls, inspect the tub before they fill it, and see if there's any grit, grime, or gunk. "If so, I say, 'I'm sorry, but would you clean this for me?" says Lippmann. 
5. Polluted polish. If a client has a funky fingernail — or an open sore near the nail bed — communal polish can get contaminated, says Lippmann. While she admits this is "a worst-case scenario," Lippmann prefers bringing her own polish. A BYOP policy may also ensure a longer-lasting mani. "I constantly see salons adding remover to the polishes so they last longer." 
6. Hairy situation. ​Going for a wax? The treatment table should be covered in a fresh paper sheet, and the wax pot shouldn't resemble a messy melted candle, says Melanie Gilliland, an expert for European Wax Center. And if they double-dip? Run.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bismuth Oxychloride

 What is Bismuth Oxychloride?

 Bismuth oxychloride is an inorganic compound of bismuth with the formula BiOCl. It is a lustrous white solid, found naturally in the rare mineral bismoclite.
It is a component of some cosmetics, and has been used as such since antiquity, notably in ancient Egypt. Light wave interference from its plate-like structure of alternating layers of bismuth, oxygen, and chlorine atoms gives its suspensions a pearly iridescent light reflectivity similar to nacre, otherwise known as "mother of pearl"

It has been used in cosmetics since the days of ancient Egypt. It is part of the "pearly pigment found in eye shadow, hair sprays, powders, nail polishes, and other cosmetic products".

It's Use in Mineral Foundation

Due to the particle size of bismuth oxychloride, when used in mineral foundation it is necessary to buff it well into the pores. The particle fills the pore and provides a smooth, lustrous look.
However, left on the skin, it can clog pores and cause acne, even cystic acne.

Many people report itching and redness, and is often time associated with bismuth oxychloride.
Once switching to a mineral foundation with NO bismuth oxychloride, users have reported reduction in irritation.

Substitutions for Bismuth Oxychloride

Boron Nitride and certain types of Mica can provide the same lustrous smooth look, but at a high cost. Cost of ingredients is a top priority for many major makeup companies. However, the risk of irritation of a know irritant should take priority over cost, and would also result in happier, repeat customers.

LA Minerals does not use any bismuth oxychloride in any of our formulations.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

80s makeup

80s makeup

So your'e going to a party and looking for ways to do 80s makeup? Well you came to the right place.
I graduated high school in 1982, and then went to cosmetology school. So I know a bit about the 80s makeup AND hair styles! ( I actually modeled in a hair/makeup show...ha ha) My hairstyle was pretty much exactly like this, but tri-color..light red in front to darkest in back.
80s makeup and popular hair style

Back to the 80's makeup.
Lets begin..first thing I remember is everyone at some point tried to look good with blue eyshadow on. Now we didn't have the beautiful irridescent blue shadows of today. We had ugly blue.
Just have a lookie at these side by side beauties. One from 1982 and the other from 2011.
Now ya get what I'm saying?

80s makeup compared to 2011 makeup

Note the flat, chalkey...okay HIDEOUS blue eyeshadow on this otherwise really cute lil blonde...why oh why did we think that looked good?
Now note the deep blue, irridescent looking shadow on the girl on the right. It's stunning...while I think it's still a little too much on her...as in too big of an area covered in blue, the color has definitely come a VERY long way!

Another predominant boo boo in the world of 80's makeup looks was putting blush right on the apples of the cheeks...like in the picture above. Cute if you are going as a clown to a kids birthday party. Not so cute for your everday look.

So lets dig up some more of the everyday girl 80s makeup looks shall we? 

Here's a girl that tried her best, bless her heart. This I believe was an attempted Farrah Fawcett look.

So speaking of Farrah...oh yeah...freaking EVERYBODY at my Junior high had hair cuts like Farrah. We called them "wings"...the brushed back part of the side of the hair.

Heck...I still think it's pretty, and I'd totally rock that look if I didn't have super curly hair like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing

Everyone that came of age in the 80's of course remembers the curly locks and innocent good looks of Jennifer Grey (hey I loved her...I have poofey curly hair like that and I could identify with this chick....I could so NOT do the Farrah Fawcett look)

And yes Sheena Easton was our hero too...her short hair and dramatic 80s makeup just made us want to spend hours in front of the mirror. So we could look like this:

 Really...she did kinda good replicating Sheena Easton

Check out this look sported by Joan Collins. Yes folks...glamours puffy hair was ours to strive for. We just knew that if we could tease it and spray it enough we could ALL look this glamourous!

80s makeup movie star Joan Collins

Well maybe not....

Some of us just needed to comb that shit out and put it in a pony tail.
Ahhh the joy and simplicity of a ponytail. Wait...hold up...in the 80s we could bastardize any makeup or hairstyle.

The 80s pony tail look:

Oh yes she did...and posed for her school picture too!

and don't pass up on those highly overblushed cheeks too :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deal of the Week 4-16-14

Hey did you know we list a Deal of the Week?

Yup, each and ever week...check our site for the latest Steal ...ooops I mean Deal!

Deal of the Week

This weeks deal involves our luxurious Ultra Color Lip Gloss....check it out 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Best Powder Foundation

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Imagine finding the best powder foundation

One that looks like your skin, but perfect. One that feels smooth as silk, and lasts all day.

Our finely milled, silky minerals give you the coverage you need while letting your skin breathe.

With 3 unique formulas and sheens, you're sure to find your foundation holy grail!

Each formula offers unique coverage and function. Just check out LA Minerals  to discover your perfect formula.

Our 3 Mineral Foundation Formulas: 

  1.  Hollywood Mineral Foundation - a natural finish, moderate but buildable coverage, suitable for normal skin
  2. Valley Girl Mineral Foundation - a natural matte finish, medium coverage, suitable for normal skin, oily skin, acneic skin
  3. NoHoGlo Mineral Foundation - a silky/glowey coverage with that Movie Starlett glow. Medium coverage, suitable for Normal skin and Dry skin.

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LA MINERALS has a 30 day money back guarantee. We are so sure that you will LOVE our products that we don't hide behind 5 pages of terms and conditions, auto shipments or hassles! 
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